Rubia B 50 ( TA)

NHỚT ĐỘNG CƠ Rubia B 50 ( TA)
Version May 2005
This lubricant, when used according to our recommendations and for the purpose for which is intended,
presents no particular hazards.
A safety data sheet complying with current EC legislation can be obtained from your local commercial adviser.
RUBIA TIR 8600 Cl 10W40
Data sheet Rubia B 50
Synthetic based multigrade oil for diesel engines
Provide outstanding
Provide reliable performance
• Super premium quality heavy-duty engine oil that provides outstanding
performance in the most severe diesel and gasoline engine applications.
• Particularly formulated with advance-technology additives to provide reliable
performance in the latest emission designs, including those with EGR systems, as
well as satisfying the needs of older engines.
International Specifications
OEM’s Specifications
• API Cl-4/SL
• ACEA E5/E2/A3/B3
• Cummins CES 20071/2/6/7/20078
• Mack EO-M PLUS
• MAN 271/M3275
• MB 228.3/ 229.1
• Volvo VDS-3
Technical performances Rubia B 50
• Contributes to the reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions.
• Exceptional high temperature/high shear viscosity for bore-polishing protection and
reduced engine scuffing.
• Outstanding control of high temperature deposits and oil oxidation, excellent soot
control in both modern and older diesel engines.
• Excellent dispersancy provides outstanding soot control in EGR and non EGR
diesel engines.
• The exceptional performance of TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 Cl 10W40 results not
only from the advanced-technology additives but also from the use of synthetic
technology base stocks.
TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 Cl Method Units SAE Grade 10W40
Volumetric mass at 15oC ASTM D1298 kg/m3 877
Viscosity at 40oC ASTM D445 mm2/s 100
Viscosity at 100oC ASTM D445 mm2/s 14.7
Viscosity index ASTM D2270 – 160
Flash point Cleveland ASTM D92 o C 218
Pour point ASTM D97 o C -33
Total Base Number ASTM D2896 mgKOH/g 10
The typical characteristics mentioned represent mean values.
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