Rimula_MV 15W40

Nhớt Động Cơ Rimula_MV 15W40
Premium Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Rimula MV is the latest technology diesel engine oil specially formulated to meet the
ever more demanding needs of the high performance diesel engines found in off-
highway applications such as construction mining and quarrying. Rimula  MV is
especially suited for use in Caterpillar, Cummins and MTU engines.
•  Off-highway Applications
Rimula MV is especially designed to provide no
compromise protection for the leading brands of
heavy duty diesel engine found in severe duty off-
highway equipment, and meets the latest
specifications from Caterpillar and Cummins.
•  Emission Controlled Engines
The advanced formulation of Rimula MV offers
increased performance and protection for the
latest US 2002/Euro3 low emission engines. It
also offers increased compatibility with engine
fitted with particulate traps where conventional
high ash Super High Performance Diesel Engine
Oils can result in particulate filter blockage.
Performance Features and Benefits
•  Latest Performance – Premium Protection
Rimula MV provides exceptional performance in
the latest generation diesel engines and provides
major improvements in wear protection, viscosity
control and oxidation over existing or older oils
typically meeting the CH-4 or ACEA E3 standard
•  Longer oil life – longer engine life
The dedicated formulation of Rimula MV delivers
outstanding wear protection and long life under
the most arduous operating conditions for all
heavy duty diesel engines.
Specification and Approvals
API        – CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF
ACEA       – E3
Caterpillar       – ECF-1a, ECF-2
Cummins       – CES 20071,72,78
Mack Truck       – EO-M Plus
MTU       – Type 2 approved
(All engines)
Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet
may be obtained from your Shell Representative
Health and Safety
Guidance on Health and Safety are available on
the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet which
can be obtained from your Shell representative.
Protect the environment
Take used oil to an authorised collection point.
Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.
Typical Physical Characteristics
 SAE Viscosity grade 15W-40
 Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D 445
at  40°C mm2
/s 111
at 100°C mm2
/s 14.63
 Dyn. Viscosity ASTM D 2602
at -20°C mPa*s 6343
 Viscosity Index ISO 2909 135
 Density at 15°C kg/m3
ASTM D 4052 886
 Flash Point COC °C ISO 2592 230
 Pour Point °C ISO 3016 -39
These characteristics are typical of current production. Whilst future production will
conform to Shell’s specification, variations in these characteristics may occur.

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