Mobitemp 78

Mỡ Mobiltemp 78
High Temperature Grease
Product Description
Mobiltemp 78 is a clay thickened high temperature grease based on a heavy viscosity mineral base oil. It is
formulated to provide low volatility, oxidation resistance and excellent structural stability at high temperatures,
resistance to water washing and good anti-wear performance under heavy loads and low speeds.
Features and Benefits
• Superior high temperature performance
• Will not soften and leak from bearings
• Good wear protection
• Good resistance to water washing and steam
• Extended relubrication intervals
• Lead, chlorine and nitrite free
Mobiltemp 78 is recommended for the lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings in applications such as oven
conveyor or kiln bearings operating at low speed and high temperature or under cycling conditions from ambient
to high temperatures. The greases will not soften and leak under high temperature conditions or harden
excessively on cooling. Mobiltemp 78 is also suitable for the lubrication of cams, ways and other sliding machine
elements. The recommended operating temperature range is 0 to 170ºC with appropriate relubrication intervals.
Specifications and Approvals
Typical Properties
Mobiltemp 78 Test Method Unit
CMCS Code 970582
Color Gray-Black
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ºC ASTM D 445 cSt. 30.6(min) – 32.7(max)
Dropping Point ASTM D 2265 ºC 300
Penetration Consistency Change Roll ASTM D 1813 mm-1 385 (max)
Penetration, Unworked 25ºC ASTM D 217 mm-1 325
Penetration, Worked 60 Double Strokes ASTM D 217 mm-1 325
Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D 4048 none 1B (max)
4 Ball Wear, Scar Diameter ASTM D 2266 mm 0.5
1 of 2 01-2006
Mobiltemp 78 Test Method Unit
1 Wet Roll Stability, Penetration change ASTM D 1813 (mod) mm-1 -60
Penetration, change from 60x to 100,000x ASTM D 217 mm-1 50
Weld Point, 4 Ball EP ASTM D 2596 kg 200
Load Wear Index, 4 Ball EP ASTM D 2596 kgf 50
Steel Corrosion, 3h @ 120ºC M 1625 Rating Pass (min)
Health and Safety
Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used
for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are
followed. MSDS’s are available upon request through your sales contract office, or via the Internet. This product
should not be used for purposes other than its intended use. If disposing of used product, take care to protect
the environment.
The Mobil logotype, the Pegasus design and Mobiltemp are trademarks of ExxonMobil Corporation, or one of
its subsidiaries.

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