Hydransafe HFC 46

Dầu Thủy Lực Hydransafe HFC 46 – thuy luc chong chay
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3 August 2001
Hydransafe HFC 46
This lubricant used as recommended and for the application for which it has been designed
does not present any particular risk.
A material safety data sheet conforming to the regulations in use in the E.C. can be obtained from
your local commercial adviser or down loaded from
www.quick-fds .com.
Hydransafe HFC 46
Fire resistant hydraulic fluid.
Hydraulic fluid l Hydransafe HFC 46 is a high performance synthetic water-polymer, fireresistant
hydraulic fluid, based on monopropylenglycol.
l regulation and hydraulic circuits of Furnaces, Continuous Casting Units in the Steel
and Aluminium Industry, Heat-treat Ovens for quenching operations, Drying Furnace
and other applications in fire risk areas, as in mining industry…
l Hydraulic systems of mould injection machines.
l Operating temperature range is from – 20 °C to + 60 °C.
l When changing from a mineral oil based hydraulic system components and to
apply an appropriate cleaning of the hydraulic system.
l ISO 6743/4 HFC
l AFNOR NF E 48.603 HFC
l Excellent anti-wear performance, insuring a log life of the equipment.
l Very good corrosion protection properties.
l Good air release and good anti-foam properties.
l Thanks to its formulation, Hydransafe HFC 46 has a long service life and
provides reduction in maintenance costs.
l Excellent fire resistance due to high water content.
l It is miscible with the other HFC type fluids, nevertheless, a compatibility test is
l The very good filterability of HYDRANSAFE HFC 46 permit fine filtration.
Appearance Visual Green-yellow
Density at 15 °C ASTM D 4052 kg/m3 1054
Viscosity at 20°C ASTM D 445 mm2/s 105.6
Viscosity at 40°C ASTM D 445 mm2/s 45.4
Viscosity index ASTM D 2270 – 205
Pour point ASTM D 97 °C – 45
pH at 20 °C ASTM D 1172 – 8.7
4 ball wear test, scar diameter NF 60603 mm 0.7
Spray ignition test 7th Lux. Report RI 1
Wick test 7th Lux. Report 2
Above characteristics are mean values giv en as an information.
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