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Product Data
Aircol SN Range
Synthetic Reciprocating Air Compressor Lubricant
Castrol Aircol SN air compressor lubricants are diester based synthetic lubricants with excellent
oxidation resistance and
low carbon-forming tendency.
Castrol Aircol SN compressor lubricants were developed to cope with the severe operating conditions
in reciprocating air compressors operating at high compression ratios and high discharge temperatures
of up to 220ºC.
Under these conditions Aircol SN compressor lubricants offer much reduced carbon-forming tendencies
and extended oil
life when compared to mineral oils due to their much higher oxidation resistance. Whilst Aircol SN 68 was primarily
intended for the crankcase and cylinders in reciprocating air compressors, it may also be used in certain types of
turbochargers, where it will provide significant in-service benefits when compared with mineral based lubricants.
Superior oxidation stability.
Improved lubricity and film strength.
Higher film strength and excellent anti-wear properties.
Excellent high temperature performance.
Reduced maintenance, extended oil life and cleaner operations, minimises carbon formulation and provides
extended valve life.
Reduced oil consumption due to a reduction in the feed rate to the cylinder walls and piston rings without
increasing wear rates. Since less lubricant is consumed the downstream air is also of higher quality.
Reduced compressor down-time due to less wear on all moving parts, longer machine life and reduced
The operating range of Aircol SN grades extends well beyond that of conventional mineral oils. The high
spontaneous ignition temperature gives greater safety by reducing the possibility of downstream fires and
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