Polyvalent micro emulsion on ferrous materials
SAFKOOL 6215 is a soluble concentrate particularly suitable for use on all metal working requiring an excellent cooling power.
Operations: turning, milling, threading, grinding, gearing, boring, drilling … SAFKOOL 6215 is recommended to work on ferrous metals.
Excellent lubrication
Maximal refrigerant power
Optimisation of surface finishes & tolerances Optimum bio-stability in use
Maximum reduction of foaming Operator friendly
No dangerous goods label
Cleanliness of working environment due to transparency of product
Chlorine  additive  free,  nitrite  free      ,  glycol  ether  free,  sulphur additive free, phosphor additive free
Operator friendly : good dermatological behaviour for a better ease
of use
Cleanliness of working environment due to fine emulsion

Working on all metals: min 5%
Before use of a new product, clean perfectly all machining with an antiseptic. Drain and purge then flow off. It is recommended to mix SAFKOOL 6215 by progressively pouring it into water and with a constant mixing to get the best emulsion.
Polyvalent micro emulsion on ferrous materials


Typical characteristics Units Méthods Safkool 6215
Aspect Clear orange
Density at 20°C Kg/l ISO 12.185 1.014
5% emulsion pH NFT 60.193 9.2
Corrosion break point % IP 287 < 2
TH range of use ppm Ca 150 – 600
Coefficient of degree Brix correction 1.63

MOTUL TECH Soluble cutting oils, SAFKOOL range, are produced from petroleum components, highly refined
and high quality additives. As all products from petroleum, the use requires a minimum of caution especially for handling and body hygiene.
All information and rules about safety, health and environment are mentioned on safety data sheet. It informs about risks, cautions and first aid emergency rule. It clarifies all provisions to implement in case of incident spillage, and for the disposal of the product and its effects on the environment.
Our product contains natural additives likely to modify the color of the concentrates without influencing its performances.
The specifications of our products only become definitive at the time of order, which is subject to our general sale and guarantee conditions.
To give our customers the latest technical developments, the general characteristics of our products may vary.
The safety data sheet of this product is available on

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