Neat cutting oil specially developed for drilling, boring, deep reaming operations and
all hard machinings on non-ferrous and ferrous metal. Is particularly recommended
for manufacture of parts in the medical sector such as needles, implants and
equipment surgical.

PROPRIETES                                                           AVANTAGES
Free from organo-chlorinated                              Very high lubricating power
additives                                                                 Cooling properties that keep tools at
High lubricating power                                         a constant temperature by removing
Suitable viscosity                                                  the  calories produced by the cutting
Extreme pressure                                                  forces
High level of wettability                                       Extreme pressure properties that
High flashpoint                                                      provide a film between the part and
the tool or the guide plates
Does not foam, even at the high
pressure levels required for boring operations


SUPRACO 4015 is best suited for use on machine tools whose cutting system is nozzle
lubricated, during operations at medium to high cutting speeds, and on small to medium-
sized parts.
SUPRACO 4015 is designed for use during difficult operations involving broaching, deep drilling, cuttting, shaving, and grinding on high alloy steel including steel with high nickel
or chrome content.
SUPRACO 4015 is also suitable for classic machining operations on high alloy steel and it is a useful replacement for products with high chlorine content, especially on machines fitted with high-output, high-pressure spray systems.

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