Supraco 2030

UTILIZATION: Supraco 2030
High-performance,  light-coloured  cutting  oil,  without  organo-chlorinated  additives, specially designed for machining by removing chippings from ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are difficult to machine.SUPRACO 2030 can be used in stamping and fin cutting of non ferrous and ferrous strip iron by micro pulverization.
Is particularly recommended for manufacture of parts in the medical sector such as needles, implants and equipment surgical.

Density at 15°C                                             0.88                                        ISO 12185
Viscosity at 40°C                                          30 sq. mm/s                           ISO 3104
Flashpoint (open container)                        216°C                                      NFT 60-118
Copper strip rating                                       1a                                            NFT 60-105

PROPERTIES Supraco 2030

•Light-coloured and transparent
•volatility reduced to a maximum
•very high resistance to extreme pressure by
selection of specific
compounds – lubricating capacity increased
by the presence of greasy substances and
synthetic ester
•guaranteed free from organo-chlorinated
•inert towards operators and machine tools
•Enables the operator to monitor machining
•good user comfort
•improved surface states with increased
efficiency and longer tool life
•major savings on quantities of waste
•maximum protection from risks of skin
irritation, and compatibility with most
materials used in machines
•Ensures protection and smooth operation of the visible elements on machines thanks to
its high lubricating capacity and its absence of gumming
•easily removed using classic cleaning methods with our SAFCO KLEEN 60 degreasing agent
when its presence is no longer necessary

SUPRACO 2030is best suited for use on machine tools whose cutting system is
nozzle lubricated, during operations at medium to high cutting speeds.
It is also suitable for brush or can lubrication when machining aluminium, copper
and all their alloys.

Operations most often concerned Metals
Screw-cutting – milling – drilling –
tapping – cutting – turning
Medium-hard to hard steel and treated
steel (case-hardened steel (18Cn8) – 316L
stainless steel, electrolyte copper, etc.
Broaching – tapping – open die threading
with multiple cut dies or form tools
Copper – brass – hard bronze with machining
coefficients of between 60 and 200.
Sulphur and lead steel and high alloy steel
– titanium

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