Crater Fluid M &H

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Crater® Fluids M & H
Industrial Open Gear, Chain & Wire Rope Lubricants
Black, adhesive, residual oil based lubricants
recommended for a range of industrial
applications where an easily applied, low cost,
heavy lubricating oil is required. Compounded to
provide improved water resistance, water
displacement and rust protection and diluted with
a high flash point solvent to allow easier
• Wire ropes
• Open gears (e.g., mining, quarrying, construction
and dredging equipment)
• Chains and sprockets
• Flexible couplings
• Sliding surfaces (e.g., drag lines and shovels)
Suitable for application by brushing, swabbing, dipping,
spraying, drip cup or spout type can. Spray application
may be by conventional drum pump and spray nozzle
equipment designed for fluid lubricants and greases.
Selection of the appropriate grade depends on the
severity of the application and the operating
temperature. Grade H has the highest film strength
for severe-duty service or where operating
temperatures are high.
• ANSI/AGMA 9005-D94: AGMA Lubricant No. 15R
(Crater Fluid H)
Information is available on this product in the Caltex Material
Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Caltex Customer Safety Guide.
Customers are encouraged to review this information, follow
precautions and comply with laws and regulations concerning
product use and disposal. To obtain a MSDS for this product,
! Long equipment life
High load carrying capacity and adhesive
properties of the residual base oil ensures that a
tough, durable lubricating film is maintained on
exposed gears and surfaces to protect against
wear under adverse conditions.
! Protects surfaces against the elements
Tenacious lubricant coating protects exposed
metal surfaces against the elements. The special
compounding components provide additional rust
protection by resisting water wash out.
! Quiet operation of gears
Highly cohesive lubricant coating remains pliable
and effectively cushions gears and contacting
! Easily and safely applied
High flash point, chlorine-free solvent allows
product to be sprayed through automatic spray
nozzle equipment, or applied by dipping, brushing
or swabbing, leaving a viscous adhesive oil film
after evaporation of the solvent.
This bulletin was prepared in good faith from the best information available
at the time of issue. While the values and characteristics are considered
representative, some variation, not affecting performance, can be expected.
It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the products are used in the
applications for which they are intended.
Produced by ChevronTexaco Global Lubricants Solutions
Grade M H
Timken OK Load, kg 18 18
Pour Point, °C 4 4
Viscosity, diluted, mm2/s @ 50°C 820 1700
Viscosity, undiluted, mm2/s @ 100°C 420 985
Crater® Fluids M & H
Crater Fluids M and H were developed to provide the benefit of heavy oil lubricants, but with
easier application characteristics. They are viscous materials thinned by a high flash point,
chlorine-free solvent to permit application by brushing, swabbing, dipping, spraying, drip cup or
spout type can. The high flash point solvent evaporates after application, leaving a very viscous,
tenacious oil film. However, caution should be exercised when considering these products for
applications exposed to open flame or spark sources (kilns, etc.).
Crater Fluids M and H are sprayable using conventional drum pump and spray nozzle equipment
designed for fluid lubricant and grease. If changing from a residual oil based product which
contained a chlorinated solvent, check spray equipment pipe and nozzle sizes. Crater Fluids M
and H may have a different viscosity compared to “equivalent” residual oil based lubricants which
contained chlorinated solvents.
Application frequency, duration, spray nozzle pattern and gear tooth coverage must be
determined by the equipment operator in order to minimize wear. Large open gear tooth wear is
not only affected by the lubricant but is also strongly dependent upon proper gear tooth
alignment. Proper alignment must be maintained in order to realize maximum gear life.
It is preferable to have gears clean before Crater Fluid is applied for the first time. If this is not
possible, then several applications may be necessary to clean off the former lubricant and
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